Acupuncture was introduced to mainstream America when massage therapists
and psychologists in California incorporated it into their practices.
These professions are structured to see patients every 50 minutes so it
was natural that they adhere to this convention when they started
offering acupuncture. As the modern acupuncture movement matured it kept
this practice of giving the same length treatment to every patient.

This may work well for a business practice model but it completely goes
against the Chinese medicine philosophy that calls for treatment in
accordance with the individual’s condition. Yet, the convention of the
day is for everyone to have the needles left in for 25 minutes even
though some people may need the needles left in for 10 minutes while
others are better off with them left in for 40 minutes. It all depends
on the patient and the condition being treated.

Most musculoskeletal pain, conditions like neck pain, back pain,
shoulder pain, hip pain, etc, can be effectively treated in as little as
10 minutes. This is why we developed our AcuFocus treatment. AcuFocus
is a 10-15 minute acupuncture session focused on pain in a single
problem area. Keeping the time shorter makes it easier to fit an
acupuncture treatment into a busy schedule. It also makes it more
affordable; an AcuFocus session is about half the cost of a full body

Contact us to find out if this highly effective treatment approach is
right for you!

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