” I have had a pulled muscle for at least a year, that has caused me pain everyday. After two treatments the pain was completely gone. Thank you Dr. Will!” –Cynthia H. , Greenville

“I have dealt with chronic headaches most of my life. After many other possible solutions provided no relief, I was referred to Dr. Hendry by my internist. I experienced positive results after the very first visit, and have continued to improve with each successive treatment. Thanks to Dr. Hendry, my headaches are less frequent and much less intense, resulting in a dramatically improved quality of life.” —Jim H. , Greenville

“I cannot speak more highly of Oriental Medicine Associates. Dr. Hendry and his team helped me obtain real pain relief after I had injured my shoulder in a car accident. After three years of chronic pain, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the pain free relief and muscle relaxation that I received from acupuncture treatment. ” Jennifer P., Greenville

“In my three year journey with cancer I have had excellent medical care. However, I was searching for something more to heal my body from the ravages of chemotherapy and to boost my immune system to fight any remaining cancer cells. I was skeptical about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine but after 3 months of treatment from Dr Hendry I feel much more energy and the neuropathy in my toes has gone away. I am now a firm believer in using Eastern Medicine along with Western Medicine. ” Catherine S., Clemson

“Finding Dr. William Hendry, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine was a tremendous boon. He listened to me explain my symptoms, including some of the more quirky ones, without letting his eyes glaze over as I spoke. Instead, his eyes lit up. I found out that some of my symptoms that nobody else knew how to interpret actually meant something in Chinese medicine. I may have never found this out though if I hadn’t had a wonderful primary care physician who encouraged me to take advantage of this medicine. I found that working with my team’s integrated approach to healthcare has made me a stronger, happier, healthier me. Acupuncture is amazing. Go for it!” Jean-Therese Mc C., Greenville

“I have been suffering with chronic low back pain and sciatica for years and have tried many different things to relieve the pain but with little lasting relief. I had never considered acupuncture but when my doctor recommended surgery I thought it was about time I did. I must say that I was amazed at how much relief I got after just a few visits. I strongly recommend anyone suffering with back pain to give Dr Hendry a try before you try anything else.” Thomas T., Greenville

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